Who is the SeaTroll?
Who is the SeaTroll?
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away... there lived a strange creature.
For years he had been searching for a place he could call home- and, at last, he found it in the waters near Tromsø island. The locals soon began to call the creature the "SEA TROLL", after the mythical beings living in the tall, snowy mountains of Norway.

To this day, the SEA TROLL can be found in the stream near Tromsø. He plays and talks with the fish, tickles the whales, scares off the cod and teases the fishermen.

Under the Northern lights, he collects the coins from the Green Gold of Norway and hides it everywhere...
Our Sea Troll is already with us. You can find him everywhere with the use of your mobile phone.
He travels around Troms, gets to know people and plays with fish in fjords.
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